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The company

Quality has got a name

Roland Fuchs founded the company in 1996 as a sole proprietor. Since then the company has grown steadily and gathered a wealth of experience.
Tobias Egerer joined the company as a competent partner, and in 2013 the company became a German PLC GmbH.
Simultaneously our staff was reinforced by highly trained personnel.

Due to the outstanding professional service in national and international removal as well as overseas packing, the company has won an excellent reputation within the international removal branch.

But we do not rest on our laurels, we are on daily challenge to improve our service and increase our know- how for our clients.

Our staff

Our seasoned staff with proven ability have acquired their know-how through field experience and training and would like to convince you of their high quality service.
Continious practical and theoretical training makes sure you always meet a qualified and friendly staff.
Let’s surprise you!


Roland Fuchs

The first tracks for the company of today were already laid in 1956.
After finishing school I completed a training as “Management Assistant for Rail and Road” at the Deutsche Bundesbah in Frankfurt / Main.

After that training I mainly worked in the field of freight traffic and gathered extensive knowledge through personal commitment.
From then on I was able to prove my expertise on a daily basis, from being a long distance transport service dispatcher to a billing specialist.

In 1995 love became the reason I had to give up my position as Key Account Manager at Thyssen Haniel Spedition / Bahn Trans and moved all the way to to the Upper Bavaria where I founded Fuchs Logistik.
In the ensuing years I was able to gather experience in all fields of relocation, which was immediately invested in building and expandig the company and to satisfy the customers.


Tobias Egerer

I saw the light of day on this our planet for the first time in 1977.
After Primary School and Business School I got a degree as Automotive Mechatronic Specialist.

During my compulsory Military Service I took part in different special training programmes, some of which took me abroad.
I then started working free-lance in a free car garage that also gave me the opportunity for furthrer trainings.
Eventually I got to know FUCHS-LOGISTICS in 1998 through various tasks. Since the garage was not offering the desired turnover I gladly took over some of the tasks for that company.

Having meanwhile become a father of three I eventually accepted with pleasure the partnership offer in FUCHS-LOGISTICS GmbH in July 2013. Since then I have been happily running the production and quality management sector as CEO.

Service partner

Thanks to these very good services we also became partners to the following international companies and are thus able to offer you good conditions for overseas relocation.

Santa Fe Relocation

HASENKAMP Relocation Services GmbH

STERLING Relocation Ltd