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Relocaton within Germany

FUCHS-LOGISTICS GmbH is your friendly removal partner, irrespective of whether you need us for private or company purposes or whether you plan to relocate within Munich, to a nearby location or even to a different city like Berlin, Hamburg or Düsseldorf.

FUCHS-LOGISTICS GmbH grants you a stress-free and professional removal due to joint planning.
You may then leave the actual removal to us and/or our qualified and friendly staff.

Removal within Europe

We are glad to be at your side, no matter whether you have to move to nearby Austria or England, FUCHS-LOGISTICS GmbH will help you along the way.

Our multilingual staff is there to pack and load your complete inventory professionally and take you to your new European residence.
Additional cargo will be transported and profesionanalliy delivered to the new residence by our reliable partners.


Our long experience, our qualified staff und our specialized partners offer you the complete range of service that is necessary to guarantee a secure removal even to the most remote place on the globe.

The staff of FUCHS-LOGISTICS GmbH pack your complete removal inventory with special packing material and deliver it according to volume in appropriate wooden containers or straight in overseas containers.

Should you so wish we can ship your beloved private car at the same time.
Our partners then coordinate the overseas transport to the destination country and further to the new residence.

Certified service partners take over on the spot in customary quality and unload, unpack and assemble the goods.
We also offer you the possibility to have your unattended or excess luggage transported abroad fast and convieniently.
Save yourself hotel expenses and alterations of your work and/or holywood plans by transferring the responsability of the transport of your excess luggage to the desired airport or to your home to us.

Our removal service

Regardless of whether you prefer a road or ship removal – we offer you additional services for your change of residence plus the relocaton itself.

Our personal counsellors are your competent partners at your side for all matters regarding change of residence.

Within the framework of our removal service we gladly offer you the following services:

  • flats and / or office premises hunting
  • registration or cancellation of telephone, TV and Internet.
  • Search for kindergarten and schools
  • visits at government/public offices and official notices of departure / registrations
  • orientation tours within the new residence area
  • list of shopping centre possibilities
  • contact craftsmen, painters, carpenters etc.
  • and much more …..

Furniture lift

Our modern external lift opens unexpected possibilities concerning modern removal logistics. Up to 26m our furniture lift that is completely independent from the electricity net allows a flexible, fast and careful removal of your personal goods.

Our steel partner does not only trouble-shoot with the neighbours but also saves time and strength.
The transport risk is considerably reduced. Damaged staircases or goods are behind your back.

We gladly inform you about the various possible uses of our customised external furniture lift at a reasonable price.
You may also hire the lift plus an operator anytime without a removal contract. We are looking forward to your order!

Clearing / Disposal

At no time will you find it easier to get rid of unnecessary items as during a relocation. Whether you are talking of a new appartment or an office, both are often landmarks for a new start.
The time to dispose of things is always postponed because of lack of time and because of the amount of work it entails.
But the clearing out and the disposal is one of the very important parts of relocation.
All that has been stored sometimes for years and waiting for its fate to be decided suddenly reappears during removal and has to be either disposed of, or taken on board. Regardless of whether it’s carpets, tapestry, shelves or old furniture that will no longer be needed – FUCHS-LOGISTICS GmbH is happy to deliver on the thorough and clean disposal of your bulky waste after the relocation. Even if you do not want to relocate but just need some clearing out and disposal in the private or business area we will clear all the details to accomodate your wishes in the best of ways.

Whether it’s about your attic, cellar, storage space or flat, you are going to be amazed at how fast, clean and easy a clearing out can take place.

Don’t you worry! Leave everything to us.
We will transoport and dispose of your bulky waste professionally and in an environmentally friendly way with guarantees from a specialized recycling centre.

Final cleaning / Renovation service

One often wishes to be at two different places at the same time.

The furniture and the goods to be moved are profesionnally packed, the old, familiar appartment is finally empty and our staff is on their way to the new residence. You would also like to get started by being on the spot to give instructions when the goods are being unloaded.

The problem is: the new appartment is not yet completely clean and tidy!!!
Why not simply rely on our supplementary services?

We clean the old appartment according to your order and, if necessary, the windows as well plus we dispose of the waste – in a professional, and an environmentally friendly way, guaranteed!!!

We gladly assume the task to organise and renovate the former appartment. Within our „all-round carefree package from A-Z“ we paint the rooms if necessary and take care of all subsequent tasks through our qualified staff.

Here are your benefits:
A stress free and speedy handing-over of the appartment and of your deposit.

Provision of personnel / DIY

Are you planning a removal on your own but you need some helping hands or specialists to assemble / dismantle things?

We are happy to provide you with all you need for your „DIY relocation“.
To make sure the removal takes place as professionally as possible you can hire the following services at FUCHS-LOGISTICS GmbH:

  • Vehicles plus driver
  • Personnel like craftsmen or helpers to carry furniture
  • Wraps
  • Blankets
  • Furniture dollies
  • Hand trucks
  • Carriyng straps
  • and much more

Call us or send us an e-mail including your wishes, we will gladly prepare and send you an offer.

These services are also available for removal / transport companies within the greater Munich area .

Packing materials

Customer satisfaction is our highest good. That is why we make sure everything is really well packed. That is the only way to ensure that nothing gets lost or broken in transit.

Our staff is specially trained for this high demands and our fixed price removal offers include the necessary materials and delivery anyway.

Should you prefer to do your removal on your own – „DIY“ – we can provide you with the necessary equipment.

You may meanwhile be able to buy removal materials in many construction stores or supermarkets, but it is not easy to establish your exact needs..

We would be happy to assist you by establishing your exact needs and providing you with the necessary (new or used) cardboard boxes as well as additional equipment like silk paper, bubble wrap etc. for sale or hire. You can save yourself from driving and carriyng cardboard boxes, trunks and cases, we gladly deliver the needed removal material at your door for a small fee.

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